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Kintsu Comes From the Word Kintsukuroi

Kintsukuroi is a method of repairing broken ceramics which treats the breakage and repair as part of the history of an object instead of something to hide. Because the ceramic is rejoined with gold lacquer, the object is considered to be more beautiful for having been broken.

Mission Statement

The mission of Kintsu Counselling Services is to support people in strengthening their quality of life through individual and group psychotherapy. Your therapy will have a personal mission which will be respected. It may grow or transform throughout the healing process.


At Kintsu Counselling Services, Dawn believes that imperfection is what makes us human. She recognizes that a warm and trusting relationship is essential to the change process. Dawn values diversity and acknowledges and celebrates the strengths and fragility of the human spirit. She is committed to providing services that respect the dignity and value of all people. Dawn values continuous personal and professional development.


Kintsu Counselling Services offers individual and group psychotherapy.

Focusing on your strengths, you can be supported with the following:

  • anxiety & depression

  • codependency

  • low self-worth

  • perfectionism

  • substance abuse

  • trauma (childhood trauma, sexual assault, & first responder trauma)

Kintsu Counselling Services is a safe space.




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Dawn Godfrey M.A., RP


Dawn began her career working in community mental health and addiction programs serving marginalized members of our community. She supported those who have experienced personal, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural oppression. Her past experience includes case management, crisis intervention, and counselling people who were facing homelessness, were experiencing severe mental health concerns, were health care professionals experiencing addiction, and were substance-involved women who were parenting and/or pregnant. She considers herself fortunate to have worked with many diverse populations as it taught her a lot about human suffering and resilience. She quickly learned the importance of creating a safe space for all.

Throughout the past several years, Dawn has built a private practice where she has the honour of witnessing transformation and healing. She provides a trauma-informed and harm-reduction approach aimed to empower her clients. Dawn provides an environment of compassion and creativity which helps guide exploration of personal issues. She explores maladaptive behaviours with curiosity instead of judgment. She believes that the client-therapist relationship is the most important therapeutic tool. Dawn believes that having the courage to allow oneself to be vulnerable by sharing their story, and being open to learn new ways of coping, can lead to a more balanced self with lasting change.   


Dawn is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.  She holds an Applied Bachelor of Arts degree in Behavioural Psychology and a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology.  She is a member of the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists  (OACCPP).  She is also a member of the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association (CGPA). Dawn has received specialized training and supervision in addiction, trauma, and group therapy.